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You know the sibling everyone likes? Who’s friendly and fun and happens to be really good at a lot of stuff but somehow doesn’t make anyone feel jealous or weird about it?

Well, that’s kind of our whole deal. Producing the best, highest-quality video production work in a comfortable, collaborative, admittedly summer camp-like atmosphere.

It's how—from motion graphics to live action to illustration to 3D design to all things audio to very much more—we make amazing ideas move so people feel feelings in their emotions place.

And boy oh boy would we like to do the same for you.

We want to be your favorite Live action shooters Content creators Live action shooters Illustrators Animators Video editors Audio engineers Art installers Showroom designers Collaborators On-set best friends Secret weapon

Rule One

Always do work we love
—but more importantly—
work that you’ll love, too.

Rule Two

Only have one rule.

Happy customers area

People who love our work and working with us (the feeling is very much mutual)

“They gave our 150 year old cemetery a modern day personality.”

Katharine Goss

President and CEO
Lake View Cemetery

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“They brought our simple yet sophisticated personality to life with so much care and detail. And with great collaboration throughout the entire process. Cheers to Favorite Brother!”

Justin Kelly

Director, Brand Marketing
White Claw and Mike’s Hard Lemonade

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“Favorite Brother was the ideal partner to elevate RTA transit to the level of a personal vehicle. It was a home run.”

Steve Bitto

Executive Director, Marketing

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good stuff,
let’s do this.